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Rare Pennsylvanian Crinoid With Long Stem
Stock Number  CCILX06

Name:   Clathrocrinus clinatus
Age:  Pennsylvanian
Formation:  Bond Formation (LaSalle Limestone)
Location:  Pontiac, Illinois
Size:  Crinoid is 5.5" long including stem
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Here is a rare crinoid that we recently obtained from an old collection. This is Clathrocrinus clinatus from the Pennsylvanian strata near Pontiac, Illinois. This crinoid was collected many years ago - the site has been closed to collecting for 25 years. This type of crinoid has a small, bowl-shaped cup with smooth plates. The branching, uniserial arms are very ''zig-zag'' in appearance. This specimen is quite large for the type and exhibits great detail. The plate structure is clearly defined and the strange pattern of the arms is easily seen. There is a very long stem still tightly attached to the cup - it is highly unusual to find this species of crinoid with so much stem intact. The pinkish-white crinoid contrasts nicely with the gray matrix. The ''sea lily'' is well positioned on th limestone plate. This is a very collectible crinoid from a ''classic'' closed collecting locality.

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