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3-Dimensional Tholocrinus From Anna, Illinois
Stock Number  CCILA06

Name:   Tholocrinus unionensis
Age:  Mississippian
Formation:  Fraileys Formation
Location:  Anna, Illinois
Size:  Crinoid is 1.1 inches long
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Here is a very fine specimen of Tholocrinus unionensis from the classic locality of Anna, Illinois. This Mississippian crinoid was recently obtained from an old collection, as the site has been closed to collecting for a number of years. This species of crinoid is very uncommon from this location. This type of crinoid has a small, bowl-shaped cup and tight, compact arms. The primibrachs and every plate where the arms branch are very nodose or ''spiked'' in appearance. The anal tube is unusually well displayed at the top of the specimen and a section of the stem is intact. The off-white color of the crinoid contrasts nicely with the yellowish matrix. It is well centered on the rectangular block that also contains an Archimedes ''screw'', a brachiopod, and other assorted bryozoans. This is a very detailed, 3-dimensional specimen of Tholocrinus from the Fraileys Formation.

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