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Two Different Crinoids From Southern Indiana
Stock Number  CCINO03

Name:   Decadocrinus depressus & Barycrinus sp.
Age:  Mississippian
Formation:  Edwardsville Formation
Location:  Bloomington, Indiana
Size:  Plate is approximately 3" X 3"
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Here is a nice plate of crinoids from a ''new'' locality in the Mississippian strata of Southern Indiana. This site has not produced near as many crinoids as the famous Crawfordsville, Indiana site, but the excellent preservation of the fossils is nearly the same. There are two different crinoids on the slab. An excellent Decadocrinus depressus is centered on the plate. This inadunate crinoid has a small, bowl-shaped cup and long, uniserial arms that have somewhat of a ''zig-zag'' appearance. These features are wonderfully displayed on this specimen. A small section of stem is still tightly attached to the cup of this crinoid. A fine example of Barycrinus sp. is located near the top of the piece of rock. This type of crinoid has a more robust cup and stout, uniserial arms. The crinoids have good color and contrast and are well presented on the natural plate of siltstone that contains some other crinoid fragments and many bryozoans. This is a fine plate of two different crinoids from this recently discovered locality.

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