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Very Nice Macrocrinus and Decadocrinus Plate
Stock Number  CCIND702

Name:   Decadocrinus and Macrocrinus
Age:  Mississippian
Formation:  Edwardsville Formation
Location:  Crawfordsville, Indiana
Size:  Plate is 4.6 inches across
Price:  $199.00

This is a very striking crinoid plate from the Mississippian of Indiana. On the left side of the plate is a beautiful Macrocrinus mundulus. This type of Camerate crinoid has a large cup composed of many plates and biserial arms that contain many pinnules. The long anal tube is nicely exposed, and there is even a portion of stem preserved. On the right side is a nice Decadocrinus tumidulus. This type of crinoid is known for the shape of its arms - the arms look like jaws with teeth in them! This 3-dimensional specimen exhibits wonderful detail and an extremely long stem. Both fossils have very good color and contrast and are well showcased on the rectangular plate of siltstone. This is a great display specimen of Macrocrinus and Decadocrinus preserved together on the same rock.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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