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THOMAS COLLECTION - Cool, Unidentified Crinoid
Stock Number  CCNYX20

Name:   Unidentified Crinoid
Age:  Middle Silurian
Formation:  Rochester Shale
Location:  Middleport, New York
Size:  Crinoid is 2 inches long including stem
Price:  HOLD

This is a beautiful example of a rare crinoid from the Silurian of New York. This is a fine specimen of an Unidentified Crinoid from the Rochester Shale. This specimen was recently aquired from the Eugene Thomas Collection. The crinoid is very well preserved - the plate structure is superb, and most specimens of this crinoid do not preserve the arms as nicely as this one does. On this specimen, the arms are preserved to the tips, making for a nice display. The crinoid is very 3-dimensional and has a long stem attached, which is also quite unusual. The fossil sea lily is well showcased on a large plate of matrix that also contains a composited Caryocrinites ornatus cystoid. This is a highly collectible specimen of this extremely uncommon crinoid. 

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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