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RARE Eretmocrinus granuliferus from Crawfordsville
Stock Number  CCCSX2

Name:   Eretmocrinus granuliferus
Age:  Mississippian
Formation:  Edwardsville Formation
Location:  Crawfordsville, Indiana
Size:  Crinoid is 3.1 inches long
Price:  $299.00

This is a fine specimen of a very rare crinoid from Indiana. This is Eretmocrinus granuliferus from the famous Crawfordsville crinoid beds. This genus of crinoid is characterized by the way the arms expand in width near the top - this specimen showcases this feature beautifully. The crinoid is quite inflated and 3-dimensional. The plate structure of the cup is very detailed, and the finely pinnulated arms are well preserved for this genus. The crinoid has a long section of stem still attached, and the long anal tube is easily seen protruding from the top of the crown. The fossil has great color and contrast, and is well centered on the squared block of matrix. This is a complete and affordable example of this very rare ''Umbrella-armed'' crinoid.

This fossil was collected and obtained legally, and is also being sold legally.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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